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Ponto bridges the gap between your professional bank accounts and your systems, so you can build your custom banking experience, automate and leverage your bank account data.

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Your money, your rules.

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Automate your financial flows by connecting your bank accounts to your existing systems.

Aggregated view

Centralize your visibility of your cash positions in your own systems.

Save time & money

Treasurers and credit managers have to deal with less operational burden.

Ponto building blocks.

Safely build your own banking experience in no time with our account aggregation and payment initiation.

(coming soon)
Payment initiation

Payment initiation lets you safely initiate payments from your enrolled accounts. You can integrate this functionality in your own systems to automate payments or to stay in your own system when initiating a payment.

Account information

This building block allows you to fetch all your transactions per account and list your balance per account. This data gives you unlimited possibilities to build your own banking experience into your systems.

For example: invoice reconciliation, a complete overview of all your accounts on one screen, ...

Instant integration through one API.

We provide you the tools to make the API integration as frictionless as possible. Within minutes you are able to start your integration thanks to our clear documentation and intuitive developer platform.

Do you still have questions? Contact us instantly through our Slack channel or chat widget.

Integrate with thousands of APIs and products.

Microsoft Flow Zapier

Unlimited possibilities to build your own automated flow with Zapier, & Microsoft Flow using webhooks.

Combine different APIs and products with your banking data to automate your financial flows in minutes.

Full integration coming soon!

Simple pricing.

Our pricing is kept as simple and transparent as possible. Start integrating immediately. You can pay by credit card and there are no fixed costs!


  • Access to our sandbox
  • Support through Slack
  • Access to our community



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Account information

  • Transaction history
  • Get balance
  • Synchronize transactions
  • Full support

Now free in beta

(4 euro VAT excl. per account/month)

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Payment initiation

  • Initiate payments from every linked account
  • 200 payment initiations
  • 10 cents per additional payment initiation
  • Full support

6 euro VAT excl.

per month

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