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Our detailed Open Banking documentation provides all the answers you need. Trust our expert team to provide assistance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Join our Open Banking Europe Slack community with over 1,000 developers to discuss the latest news and improvements of our APIs.

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Several can contribute to a case, by sharing images, files and pieces of codes in a convenient way.



Quick and Convenient


It is quicker and more convenient than discussing by email or even via the chat tool.



Easy Onboarding


Access our live support with additional feature like video calls, rich format editor to share your code and paste images.

Service desk


Our developer portal is a secure and resilient SaaS solution. It runs on a cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring real-time monitoring and automated recovery for uninterrupted service.


Our application support team is automatically notified of incidents impacting our service delivery 24/7.


  • Our support team is available during Belgian business hours (09h00-17h00).
  • Send an email to support@myponto.com.
  • Use our contact form.
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