Customer Paying Model


Pay as you go, no hidden costs!

Customer Paying Model

At Ponto, we strive to make our pricing structure as flexible and scalable as possible. Whether you are a small business taking its first steps in the digital world or a large enterprise seeking a robust financial integration solution, our pricing model is designed to grow with you. Discover how our tailor-made solution can help you manage your finances more efficiently.

Tailored to Your Business


You only pay for your current usage: per linked account and/or per initiated payment.

No Hidden Costs


We keep our prices as simple and fair as possible. Therefore, we do not charge extra fees on top of the listed usage costs.

Personal Support


For us, you are not just a number. You can always reach out to us with your questions without any additional charges.

Bank Account Information


Integrate your account information into your favorite software based on a simple monthly subscription per linked account.


What do you get?


  • Price per account added to a software integration
  • Access to account details and balances
  • Access to more than 1700 banks
  • Real-time transaction history
  • Free 14-day trial period
  • Automatic discount when linking more than 10 accounts


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Payment Initiation


Initiate payments from your linked Ponto accounts from within your software.


What do you get?


  • Initiation of single or bulk payments
  • You only pay per executed payment
  • Access to more than 1700 banks
  • Note: The bank account must already be linked in Ponto for account information.



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Ponto is billed either directly or through your software. Check with the software you use if this is the case.


Are you technically inclined and want to use our Ponto API for end customers yourself?

Then use our API for free to integrate your bank account into your own software. We do not charge any hidden costs beyond the aforementioned usage.


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These fees can be paid directly by the end-user or by the software applications.
Check with your third-party software if this is the case.




European reach



Connections to banks, payment providers, and credit card providers

Life belt


End-to-end support

I have my own


Integrate Ponto’s features with your software easily using Ponto Connect’s API. Supercharge your software and enhance your customer’s experience with minimal development effort.


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