Customer Paying Model


A Simple and Direct Monthly Price for Ponto Users


The Ponto open banking service is offered to software application users at a monthly fee for account information enquiries with a simple per-transaction fee for initiating payments.

Customer Paying Model

Account Information


Enable your favorite software applications to retrieve account information with a simple monthly plan.

Payment Initiation


Let your software applications initiate payments from your bank accounts.

As low as


4€ per month





  • Price per account added to an integration
  • Access to account details and balances
  • Real-time transaction history
  • 14 days free-trial period
  • Automatic 50% discount when connecting 10 accounts or more


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Pay as you go


0,10€ per payment

0,30€ per payment batch


  • Initiate payments from linked bank accounts
  • Requires account information subscription




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A seamless API integration


Unlock Ponto’s













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These fees can be paid directly by the end-user or by the software applications.
Check with your third-party software if this is the case.




European reach



Connections to banks, payment providers, and credit card providers

Life belt


End-to-end support

I have my own


Integrate Ponto’s features with your software easily using Ponto Connect’s API. Supercharge your software and enhance your customer’s experience with minimal development effort.


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