Partner Paying Model


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With the Partner

Paying Model

partner paying model

Account Information


Enable your favorite software applications to retrieve account information with a simple monthly plan.

Payment Initiation


Let your software applications to initiate payments from your bank accounts.

Unlimited synchronizations


3€ per account per month (tier-discounted price)


  • Access to account details and balances
  • Real-time transaction history
  • Reduced monthly fee with large numbers of user accounts
  • Tier-based pricing structure down to 1€ per account
  • No initial investment required


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Pay as you go


0,10€ per payment

0,30€ per payment batches


A flexible, low-risk and cost-efficient way to switch on open banking and test the full capabilities.

  • Single or batch payment initiation
  • No recurring fees


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Enterprise unlimited


Single flat fee


monthly or annually





For a simple flat fee, applications can make unlimited payments in a predictable way.

  • Single or batch payment initiation
  • No fee per transaction


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European reach



Sandbox development tools



Open Slack community



Webhooks for notifications



End-to-end support



Dedicated Slack channel

We Can Bill Your

Customers Directly

Software applications often charge for open banking services or pass-along fees. We offer the option to invoice end users directly. In this model, the end user pays Ponto for the integration.


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