Open Banking Tailored to Your Software

partner paying model

At Ponto, we strive to make our pricing structure as flexible and scalable as possible. Whether you are a startup looking for growth opportunities or an established organization aiming for efficiency in financial operations, our model is designed to grow with you.

We offer software providers the option to choose between two payment models:

Customer paying model


Your end customer is billed directly by Ponto. This means you, as the software provider, do not have to worry about invoicing. You only need to handle the technical integration, and Ponto takes care of the rest.



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Partner paying model


In this case, Ponto bills you, and you have the option to pass this cost on to your end
users. This requires some additional work in terms of invoicing but allows for simple billing to the
customer. As a partner, you benefit from tiered pricing.


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The following principles apply to both models:

Tailored to Your Business


You (partner paying model) or your end customer only pays for current usage: per linked account and/or per initiated payment.

No Hidden Costs


We keep our prices as simple and fair as possible. Therefore, we do not charge extra fees on top of the listed usage costs.

Complete Support


We always provide assistance without any cost. From development tools and a Slack channel to direct access to our developers.

Bank Account Information


Integrate your users’ account information into your software based on a simple price per linked account per month.

What do you get?


  • Price per account added to a software integration
  • Tiered pricing model: more accounts, lower price
  • Access to account details and balances
  • Real-time transaction history
  • Access to more than 1700 banks


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Payment Initiation


Allow your end users to initiate payments from their linked Ponto accounts from within your software.

What do you get?


  • Initiation of single or bulk payments
  • You only pay per executed payment
  • Access to more than 1700 banks
  • Note: The end user’s bank account must already be linked in Ponto for account information.


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Sandbox development tools



Open Slack community



Webhooks for notifications



End-to-end support



Dedicated Slack channel

We Can Bill Your

Customers Directly

Software applications often charge for open banking services or pass-along fees. We offer the option to invoice end users directly. In this model, the end user pays Ponto for the integration.


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